“We care about our bands, the quality of music and the metal fans more than anyone else!”

Joey DeMaio – President Magic Circle Music

During MANOWAR’s storied career, bassist Joey DeMaio faced the trials and tribulations that confront a band trying to make it in the music business. Although MANOWAR have been triumphant in their battle to succeed and have stayed their course through rough waters, they saw many other bands fall to the perils of greed and commercialization in the music industry. Joey created Magic Circle Music to help other bands avoid those same pitfalls by giving the power back to the musicians and the fans.

Heavy metal is unlike any other musical genre in one way above all others: Heavy metal is a way of life. Eschewing confidence, defiance and uncompromising power, metal music is the lifeblood that flows through the veins of fans and musicians alike. The bond and devotion between those fans and musicians is undeniable. Magic Circle Music is paving the way for a new era by creating a healthy and comfortable home for musicians so that metal will thrive.

Magic Circle Music has many promising releases planned for 2006:

Magic Circle Music’s flagship act, MANOWAR, will continue to conquer the world with a brand new single, “Sons Of Odin,” followed by their long awaited new album. This will mark the band’s tenth studio album and continue their crusade to bring “Death To False Metal!” Also available will be the “Wild Life and Wild Times” instructional hunting DVD featuring MANOWAR vocalist Eric Adams. Adams, an outdoor enthusiast, is pleased to be involved with this unique and exciting project. MANOWAR will also continue their “Demons, Dragons and Warriors World Tour,” featuring RHAPSODY and HOLYHELL.

RHAPSODY, masters of symphonic, cinematic power metal, will start off an industrious 2006 with the release of their first live album, “Live in Canada 2005 – The Dark Secret.” Fans can also expect a live DVD in the near future. Furthermore, lead guitarist Luca Turilli will be involved in the release of two additional projects. His third full-length solo album “The Infinite Wonders of Creation” will display awe-inspiring six-stringed wizardry. Turilli will also introduce his new side project DREAMQUEST, with their debut album “Lost Horizon.”

Magic Circle Music is proud to unveil a refreshing new female-fronted melodic power metal act HOLYHELL. Many fans have already witnessed this band live as the support act for MANOWAR and RHAPSODY during the “Demons, Dragons and Warriors Tour 2005”. This band impressed the metal world with their amazing epic anthems without even releasing an album. Now, in 2006, HOLYHELL will unleash their debut single and album

BLUDGEON are finalizing their sophomore release, entitled “World Controlled,” for early 2006. The Chicago act’s crushing debut album “Crucify The Priest” introduced BLUDGEON’s intense brand of death/thrash to the metal world. “World Controlled” promises to deliver more of that same brutality.

(January 2006)

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